Certificate Of Good Conduct/Police Certificate

⚠️ We have halted the processing of Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya due to a directive from the Criminal Investigation Department, Nairobi and an organisation by the name “EvolvingGen Foundation”. All users who made payment through our portal would be refunded within 7 days.

Certificate Of Good Conduct, also referred to as Police Clearance Certificate, basically certifies that the holder has no criminal background in his or her home country. This document is issued by the Criminal Investigations Department of the individual.

Embassies need a the certificate to approve applicants, employers need it to vet their new hires and investors need it to vet their beneficiaries. We leverage our professional relationship with law enforcement to obtain a certificate of good conduct in a relatively swift time period.


For now, we operate in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria. Each country has it’s different pricing and delivery time. Here is a breakdown:

After payment, a link would be sent to your email. Use the below button to initiate payment based in your resident country.

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